We are a Romanian company with a vast experience in the field of furniture and construction, offering a wide range of products and services. Our solutions are based on the experience accumulated along more than 10 years and on understanding the needs and expectations of our customers.

We offer services for home or office without making compromises.

HOME:We can execute your project from start to finish!

We offer you support from the beginning, from designing your ideas and translating them into an ultra-realistic simulation – you will be able to see exactly how your home will look in the end. We offer you the experience of our designers and planners who have the best advice for you. In addition we collaborate with internationally renowned designers – they will certainly turn your home into a highly refined place.




Bright ideas well put into practice, in whole a collaboration full of excellent results. They help you have °your little place° the way you dreamed it. I recommend them with all my heart! Ruxandra Razi, Bucharest

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The most recent project conducted

It is said that a man defines his home, but actually, in the end, it is the home that defines man. Nothing more true. We have recently finished a project executed with great pleasure for a meticulous, well organized, rigorous and fancy man.
In our opinion, the furniture we manufactured described him accurately. Our client’s character is now entirely reflected into his home. (see the whole project)

Summer is rapidly approaching. We are always ready to build your own oasis of relaxation.

Models of pools of different shapes, sizes, depths, colors or styles are waiting for you to decide which one would best fit in your own backyard or even inside your house.
Whatever your decision, you are invited to a discussion to be provide the best solutions. (see the portfolio of pools)

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